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Common IT capability shared across an enterprise.

Why IT Might be Slow to the Web 2.0 Collaboration/Innovation Party

Lately I’ve been spending time with several IT teams from global Fortune 500 enterprises who are charged with fostering collaboration, innovation and the other hoped-for outcomes of Web 2.0.  It’s been a fascinating experience – plenty of good news, but some aspects I find frustrating.  More importantly, I believe these are things that are slowing […]

Some Principles for Transforming IT Capabilities – Part 2

I recently started a post on this topic which I am continuing here with some additional principles that you might consider adopting if you are leading a transformation of IT capabilities.  (If you wonder what that means, please refer to the first post in this series.)
Principle #3.  You don’t have to call it a transformation!
Calling […]

I've Looked At Clouds from Both Sides Now…

I’ve had some interesting conversations with CIO’s and CTO’s about Cloud Computing lately.  These are exciting times.  I’m reminded of the earliest days of the personal computer.  PC’s were quietly finding their way into the enterprise computing scene, though you would not have known that by talking to CIOs.  They were mostly in denial, even […]

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From Enterprise Architecture to Ecosystem Architecture

I’ve been thinking about IT architecture – more correctly, Enterprise Architecture, and most recently, something I’m referring to as Ecosystem Architecture.  This thinking was stimulated by some of the results of our recent Reaching Level 3 multi-company research project.  That research showed that one of the most critical gaps in many companies IT capabilities is […]

IT Infrastructure, Options, and Cost-Benefit Analysis

There was a piece on National Public Radio this morning that got me thinking about IT infrastructure funding.  I think this is especially relevant as companies consider Web 2.0 technologies and ask the inevitable question – “What’s the value proposition?”  It’s a great question, unless that question gets morphed (as it so often does) into […]

The Other "Seat at the Table"

One of the great clichés of the business-IT relationship is “having a seat at the table.”  This is a cute, shorthand way of describing a business-IT relationship where IT is properly represented in the strategic leadership of the business (be that a business unit or the enterprise).  When we see this condition working well, we […]

Why Are Indian CIO's Good Innovators?

I liked this post by Navi Radjou on “Why Indian CIOs Excel at Driving Business Innovation”.  Navi suggests two reasons for this proclivity for IT-driven innovation:

1. Indian CIOs are obsessed with IT/business alignment.

2. Indian CIOs are effective at orchestrating innovation networks.

While I don’t disagree with these factors, the research we recently completed on Reaching Level […]

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Higher Internet Speeds and Media Convergence at Home

I don’t usually write about specific technologies or vendors, but I’m sufficiently excited by a recent development in my home and home-office set up, and by my experience with the vendor of the new service, that I think it’s worth a mention.  First, some background.  I travel a great deal, but when I’m not traveling, […]

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Business Implications of SOA

It’s time (perhaps even long overdue!) to tackle the thorny topic of Service Oriented Architecture.  I’ve been preparing an executive presentation on this subject, drawing on one of our multi-company research projects, so it’s fresh in my mind.

The research was focused on business implications of SOA, as this was a perspective and context that the […]

Managing IT Infrastructure vs. Platforms

I was in an interesting discussion with one of my consulting clients recently.  I was with a group of IT managers responsible for their firm’s shared IT assets.  This is a large, global enterprise that has been on an aggressive journey over the last 5 years to transform business-IT maturity.  By any measure, they have been […]