Common IT capability shared across an enterprise.

I Must Have my Head in the Clouds!

I’ve been posting on and off about Cloud Computing since I began this blog a couple of years ago.  But, as one who spends most of his time with IT leaders of large global enterprises, sometimes the promise of the Cloud seems more like a mirage!
I’ve Looked At Clouds From Both Sides Now
Back in August […]

Why IT Professionals Will Need to be Enterprise Architects

I actually credit the topic of this post to a quote by a client last week.  We were working with him on the PMO he was setting up, when he made the point in the headline.  I thought it was provocative, and made an important point, so I want to explore it.
What Is Meant By […]

Supposing You Funded IT Like a Charitable Donation?

I’ve had this IT funding fantasy for years (I know, it’s really sad that my more exciting fantasies are to do with IT funding scenarios!) Supposing the CIO had to do a fund drive every year or every six months the way our local National Public Radio stations had to operate in order to fund […]

The Dangers of Cloudy Thinking!

I’m fascinated and bemused by this Cloud Computing phenomenon.  Never before have I had such a strong feeling that something really, really important is happening – a fundamental discontinuity, if you will, in the way we leverage IT – and yet most of my clients and those I am interacting with in a couple of […]

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Portfolio Management: So Much More Than a Collection of Projects!

I’ve posted recently about Program Management – mainly in response to a reader’s question about how to group projects into programs.  Her question, in turn, was in response to one of my most popular posts on the distinctions between Project, Program and Portfolio Management.
IT Portfolio Management Matters!
I’m delighted that my old post on this topic […]

"But We Don't Have the Discipline to Implement ITILv3!"

I was talking to a consultant recently about some process work he was doing with a large, global IT organization.  I asked him if they had adopted any formal service management framework and he said that when he asked them about ITILv3, they said, “We tried that, but we just don’t have the discipline to […]

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The IT Infrastructure Investment Deficit Disorder

How should you treat IT infrastructure investments in a recession?  I was listening to an interesting piece that got me thinking about this question on NPR this morning titled “Obama’s ‘Big Fix,’ And Investment Deficit Disorder.” Renee Montagne interviewed New York Times columnist David Leonhardt about his January 27 article, “The Big Fix.”
Determining IT Infrastructure Investments
Arguing […]

To Centralize or Decentralize IT – That Was The Question…

What are the key issues in thinking through the perennial ‘centralize vs. decentralize IT’ question?

This post was triggered by a question I received from a CIO over the holidays (yes, CIOs and management consultants don’t take holidays!)  He was trying to deal with a number of departments which insisted on having their own IT departments, […]

IT in a Recession – What's Different this Time?

Like most of us, I’ve been thinking about the current economic climate and its implications for IT leaders.  I posted back in early September in The Economy, Information Technology and Opportunity Creation that it is now more important than ever to find creative and constructive ways to drive growth and innovation by whatever means.  […]

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IT Portfolio Management – Avoiding the Tool Trap

Over many years of preaching and teaching IT portfolio management, I’ve been frequently frustrated and disappointed by seeing IT organizations screw up portfolio management, and as a result, miss out on the significant and important benefits this discipline holds.  They do so by buying into the concepts, then jumping to a tool choice, implementation, declaring […]