A Review of this Blog in 2010

I continue to be highly satisfied with the WordPress blogging platform!  The art of creating a superlative customer experience includes providing things that were not expected, and the bulk of this post summarizing how my blog did, appeared in my in-box courtesy of WordPress – I call that a great customer experience!  Here is what […]

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Some Consulting Principles to Live By…

The CEO of a firm I am affiliated with recently asked me what were my 3 top “principles of consulting.”   He was updating the firm’s web site, and thought this would be a useful addition to my profile.

It was an interesting question in that during some 30+ years of management consulting, I had never […]

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I'm Leaving My Heart in Portland! – Part 2

From Portland Street Music…

I wrote in a previous post about Portland when I was part way through my stay.  Now I’m just about finished here any my love for this place is as strong as ever!

Last time, I mentioned the Portland street people – with their crazy hair do’s, facial hair to match (for the […]

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I'm Leaving My Heart in Portland! – Part 1

One of my ambitions in moving to “semi-retirement” a year ago was having the freedom to pick my consulting clients and to mitigate the horrendous challenge of virtually non-stop air travel.  I used to wear my 5 million frequent flier miles as a ‘badge of courage’ until I realized how unbearable air travel had become […]

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So, You Think You Understand How to Motivate People?

For this post I will do no more than point you RSA Animate’s remarkable adaptation of Daniel Pink’s presentation to the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) on motivation.

I was taken by this video for a couple of reasons:

For what it says about the science behind motivation – both for […]

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More Lessons from my Rock 'n' Roll Sabbatical

I came ‘out of the closet’ with my post the other day about my somewhat hidden Dr. Jekyll existence alongside my more public Mr. Hyde life as a management consultant, research and author.  While my Mr. Hyde is known for helping companies through IT and shared service transformations and for my blogerly musings on the […]

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Innovation and Web 2.0 – A Compelling Relationship?

I had a very interesting and exciting week!  I was a speaker at an nGenera Senior Executive Summit, which drew about 60 top executives from mostly large companies – CEO’s, CIO’s, CFO’s, HR and shared service heads, and even a couple of Lawyers and Platform/Brand managers.  It was an auspicious group – both in terms […]

Design Thinking 2.0: Enabling Innovation with Web 2.0 – Part 3

In the first part of this series I examined the case for, and some of the key aspects of Design Thinking.   In Part 2 of this series, I distinguished between “Core” and “Edge” Capabilities and made the point that Design Thinking typically is heavy on Edge capabilities, whereas most businesses, and certainly, most corporate […]

Design Thinking 2.0: How Web 2.0 Might Foster and Enable an Innovation Revolution

About 3 years ago I first become aware of what can best be called a ‘movement’ dedicated to “Design Thinking,” when the term started showing up in some of my favorite blogs (e.g., Idris Mootee’s Innovation Playground).  The concepts became clearer and more compelling to me in June, 2008 when the Harvard Business Review published […]

Avatar – Blending "Hi Tech/Hi Touch"

Way back in 1982, futurist John Naisbitt authored the fascinating book Megatrends.  I especially recall my reaction to one of the trends – High tech, high touch – and the need to balance between technology and human interaction.  I recently caught a small segment on television about the making of Avatar.  (There’s lots of interesting […]

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