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Customer Experience, Taming the Remote Control Madness – And a Tale of Advances in End User Programming

I rarely get so excited about technology that I post about it – that’s not this blog’s raison d’être.  However, between being snowed in (a rare occurrence in Atlanta, GA!), being really delighted with a great product that really solves a familiar and widespread problem, and enjoying a very positive series of customer experiences with […]

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Apple iMac Experience – Love 'Em, But…

Time for a small gripe.  I’m a huge Apple fan!  But unfortunately, it’s not all good news!  (Duh!)  My wife bought a 20 inch iMac in late 2006.  I bought the new iMac 27 inch earlier this year, and love it!  I just added a MacBook Pro to my arsenal.  And, of course, there’s the […]

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Are You Falling Into the Customer Satisfaction Trap?

Customer Satisfaction is a slippery and potentially dangerously misleading concept!  I was reminded of this when reading an article entitled “Satisfaction vs. Loyalty” by William J. Cusick in the excellent publication, The Conference Board Review.  Cusick argues that customers who complete satisfaction surveys typically respond “satisfied” or “mostly satisfied” regardless of how they really feel.  […]

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At Tale of Two AT&T's – And a Lesson in Integration!

There are many reasons to rant in this world – customer service is often not what it needs to be, and sometimes getting simple things done takes way more effort and is far more frustrating than should be the case.  As a blogger, I try to resist the temptation to use my blog as a […]

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Best Buy and Web 2.0

I’ve posted quite a few times on Web 2.0 capabilities as a way to drive new energy, and even innovation, into an IT organization and the company it serves.

The Wikinomics blog (full disclosure – this is affiliated with nGenera Corporation, the company I am with) just posted a very nice piece on how Best Buy […]

Social Networking for IT Organizations in a Recession

I’ve been thinking about a couple of things my CIO clients are wrestling with, and how these might be better approached jointly rather than as separate challenges.  These are:

How to strengthen Business-IT Relationships in the context of the current economic climate.
How to experiment with, learn from and foster Social Networking in the business context (rather […]

Getting Control Over Business Demand – How to "Just Say No!"

Did you ever feel that some of the things you are asked to do by your business partners just don’t make sense?  That they won’t deliver value that truly justifies their cost?  I find this to be a common issue.  And it’s not just the questionable value associated with some of these requests.

Low value demand:

Carries […]

A Thought for all the Frequent Flyers and the Folk Who Serve Them

I know that we’ve all been entranced by the wonderful news of the US Airways plane that “landed” in the Hudson River this week.  It was a remarkable and uplifting piece of good news at a time when we’re mostly inundated by bad or terrible news.

As a very frequent flier, I was particularly moved by […]

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One Guru Disects the "Anatomy of a Wow" Customer Experience

My friend and colleague Frank Capek has just summarized his 25 years of learnings from his work on Customer Experience Design.  I think so much of Frank’s work, and believe this is so important, I thought I’d point you all to the post.

As a related aside, I’d like to share a couple of “wow” experiences […]

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Fresh Approaches to IT Leadership Competency Assessment

Virtually all CIO’s recognize they have a talent challenge – the competencies they have in their IT organization are often not the competencies they need today.  This is an issue I’ve wanted to post on for some time, but it’s complex and requires highly specialized expertise – people who both fully understand the Human Resources […]