Stage-Gate Development – An Example of a Level 2 Sticking Point

I posted from time-to-time on what I've called "sticking points" - how things that you had to do (e.g., practices, processes) to get from Level 1 Business-IT Maturity to Level 2 could trap you in Level 2 if you did not modify them, or in some cases, dispense with them entirely!  It's not that they [...]

IT Funding and the Level 2 Sticking Point

One of the more intractable sticking points on the journey to Level 3 Business-IT Maturity is in the IT funding model - the ways that IT prices its products and services, and recovers its costs (and, it a profit center, covers its margin). Life as a consultant is tough.  I'm not complaining, but we have [...]

ITIL and the Business Relationship Manager: Avoiding the Performance Trap!

I have good news, and I have bad news! The Good News... The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) 2011 edition and the ISO/IEC 20000 standard for IT Service Management formalized the existence of the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) role and corresponding Business Relationship Management process as a new best practice and international IT Service Management standard [...]

Why Some Projects Should Be "Led," Not "Managed"

I've posted before (many times!) about Business-IT Maturity, and the common "sticking points" that most IT organizations run into around the mid-point between low and high maturity.  (See, for example, here, here, and here, or enter "Sticking Point" into the search box.) Walking Ever Faster Will Not Get You Running! If, arbitrarily, you pick 3 [...]

COBIT – Good News… Bad News!

COBIT is described by its creators, ISACA, as a "Framework for IT Governance and Control."  Celebrating it's 15-year anniversary, COBIT provides an excellent framework for helping bring IT under control.  In ISACA's own words: COBIT is an IT governance framework and supporting toolset that allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues [...]

Are Your Processes Setting You Free? Or Holding You Back?

Early in this blog's life, I posted quite a bit on 'sticking points' that IT organizations find about mid-way through the journey to high Business-IT Maturity.  Process discipline can be one of the quintessential such sticking points.  Process management can get you out of the mess of Low business-IT maturity to a mid-level, but simply [...]

Mark Your Calendars – September 18-19, Chicago, Il

I am very excited about an upcoming event we are holding in Chicago mid-September.  I've been busily collaborating with an internal team here at nGenera, and with a Professor from Emory University on creating an event designed for senior business, IT and HR executives.  The session, entitled "Unleashing the Core, Innovating the Edge" explores the [...]

Quality and Innovation – Strange Bedfellows?

One of the themes I've come back to from time to time is the notion of "sticking points" - i.e., in the context of business-IT maturity, things that you have to do to get from one level to the next, that if you keep doing them, will actually prevent you from getting to the next [...]

Goodby, Shadow IT – Hello, Shadow IT

In our multi-company research WebEx call earlier this week a participant reflected on the changing attitudes to "Shadow IT" - that term IT professionals give to non-IT professionals when they 'step into their IT professional turf' and do stuff that should have been 'better left to the professionals.' The Shadow IT phenomenon is a great [...]

Business-IT Maturity – Implications of Discontinuities

Yesterday I suggested a refinement to the single, continuous "S" curve Business-IT Maturity model, to one comprised of a series of "S" curves, with discontinuities between them.  I think the refinement is more than trivial, and certainly not simply cosmetic.  I've blogged before on the notion of Level 2 "sticking points."   These are behaviors and [...]