The Process Obsession Trap!

Process is good, but... To be clear—I'm a big believer in process discipline! The importance of and evidence for strong process discipline is all around us! I was on an airplane this weekend and happened to peek into the cockpit while boarding. The pilot and co-pilot were going through their pre-flight checklist. It was comforting [...]

How Good are your IT Capabilities and How Good do they Need to Be?

This will be the first in a series of posts about assessing the "goodness" of IT capabilities, both in terms of your current state (how good your IT capabilities are) and 'desired' state (how good they need to be).  We will get into the dimensions of 'goodness' as well as assessment methods. I've been designing [...]

The Major Drivers of IT Performance

This is a guest post by my valued and esteemed colleague, Roy Youngman.  This appeared this morning on his blog, and I loved it, so invited him to re-post it here.  Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Half-Full Stadiums and IT Effectiveness? I heard something on the radio the other week that I thought was clever and interesting. I [...]

Are Your Processes Setting You Free? Or Holding You Back?

Early in this blog's life, I posted quite a bit on 'sticking points' that IT organizations find about mid-way through the journey to high Business-IT Maturity.  Process discipline can be one of the quintessential such sticking points.  Process management can get you out of the mess of Low business-IT maturity to a mid-level, but simply [...]

Process Discipline and Creativity

I've recently been asked a couple of questions I used to hear all the time.    The questions are: Doesn't process discipline add overhead and cost? Doesn't process discipline stifle creativity? I thought these questions had been put to rest years ago, but I guess they are still out there floating around in the air. When [...]

IT Organization Design: Part 2

Picking up on my previous post on Organization Design and the Value Disciplines, my colleague Roy Youngman reminded me of the theoretical work by Henry Mintzberg that we drew from many years back.  At that time, Roy was helping me to write a book, Development Effectiveness: Strategies for IS Organizational Transition.  (Note:  I'm not plugging the book [...]

IT Organization Design and the Value Disciplines

My recent post on Shadow IT: The Good , The Bad and The Ugly solicited an interesting comment about organization design and the placement of application development versus application support.  This got me thinking back over years (probably 25!) of helping clients with IT organizational design, and the tools, techniques and principles I've used over [...]

Espen Andersen's "Technology Canon"

  My esteemed colleague Espen Andersen posted today on The Technology Canon - "a list of books that you have to read to consider yourself knowledgeable - or, rather, educated in the classical sense - within a field."  His criteria include, "the book must have stood the test of time, to be relevant even though [...]