What Is Business-IT Convergence? How Do You Create a Converged Operating Model?

I was introduced to the phenomenon of Business-IT Convergence in the late 1980’s by one of the world’s leading IT thinkers and teachers—Professor James Cash, then Professor and Senior Associate Dean at Harvard Business School. I had just delivered a presentation about Business-IT Alignment to an audience of CIOs. The presentation was well received, and [...]

The Realpolitik of Business-IT Convergence

For some reason, I get much more commentary about my posts via personal emails than by direct commentary.  There's something I quite like about that - it feels more personal when someone takes the time to send an email about a post.  On the other hand, the emailed comments are often illuminating and deserve a [...]

From Business-IT Alignment to Business-IT Convergence

I've posted before on the emergent confluence between business and IT.  I've also discussed the shift from Business-IT Alignment to Business-IT Convergence as an aspect of increasing business and IT maturity.  I've noted (Goodbye, Shadow IT - Hello, Shadow IT) that 'Shadow IT', often viewed as a problem to be solved might be more appropriately [...]

Is Business-IT Alignment Still An Issue?

I was posting on this topic more than 5 years ago (for a selection of posts on this see here) and would never have dreamed of returning to it if it had not been for a flurry of responses to a conversation someone started on a LinkedIn group.  The conversation began with this question: What [...]

Recession and Business-IT Maturity

Just as a lot of CIO's were gearing up for a year or two of growth and innovation, many are now being told to "hunker down" for a period of austerity.  The usual first victims - cut travel, cut training, cut anything that smells like overhead!  That Enterprise Architecture initiative that was starting to pay off? [...]

Business-IT Confluence

  I've said before, I learn so much (perhaps most?) from my clients.  I'm out at Pebble Beach for one of BSG Alliance's Senior Executive Summit meetings.  I've been presenting our research on Reaching Level 3 Business-IT Maturity.  Before my session, at the opening dinner, a client was asking me about my presentation, and as [...]

Business-IT Maturity: Theory Of The Case – Part 2

I want to pick up on this theme as we head into the holidays.  In Part 1 I talked about the drivers that are impacting business-IT maturity - Universal, Business and Internal IT.  Now I want to look at some of the overarching principles I'm seeing in business-IT maturation.  The idea is that these principles [...]