Selling Enterprise Architecture Through Analogy

I use analogies a lot - in my teaching, consulting, and just about everywhere else!  By no means a panacea, a well chosen analogy can make things "click" for people who might otherwise not "get it." "Selling" Enterprise Architecture I've blogged frequently about Enterprise Architecture (and its subset, IT Architecture) because I believe it is [...]

Web-Oriented Architecture: From Push to Pull – So Very 2.0!

Dion Hinchcliffe's excellent recent post on Web-Oriented Architecture (actually, this is his latest in a series of posts on this topic) reflects an important shift in thinking around technology architecture and componentization.  This is the shift from push to pull approaches to change - a shift I've covered from from time to time in this [...]

From Enterprise Architecture to Ecosystem Architecture

I've been thinking about IT architecture - more correctly, Enterprise Architecture, and most recently, something I'm referring to as Ecosystem Architecture.  This thinking was stimulated by some of the results of our recent Reaching Level 3 multi-company research project.  That research showed that one of the most critical gaps in many companies IT capabilities is [...]

Did You Accidently Outsource Your Enterprise Architecture?

I've referenced Enterprise Architecture several times in this blog, and see it (or lack thereof!) as a common "sticking point" (see, for Example, Enterprise Architecture and Level 2 Sticking Point) as it's one of those things that does not naturally "grow" out of less mature practices (IT Architecture, for example) but takes a different twist [...]

Enterprise Architecture, SOA and Service Management

I think the dependencies between EA and SOA are just now really being understood.  I've recently been involved in a multi-company research project on the Business Implications of SOA.   Based upon that research, and what I see in the IT shops I get to work with over the years, I believe a strong EA capability and [...]

Enterprise Architecture and Level 2 Sticking Point

One of the manifestations of the mid-Level 2 sticking point referred to in an earlier post is around Enterprise Architecture (EA).  At the risk of over simplifying, way back, most IT shops had some kind of Technology Architecture (TA) capability - usually focused on selecting and enforcing standards, providing an overall schema and logic for physical [...]

'Social' IT Management – Part 3

In Part 1 of this series on 'Social' IT Management, we discussed the inherent complexity of the IT management function, and how a more 'social' and emergent approach can represent a better way to manage IT.  In Part 2, we talked about the types of things that would be in a 'Social' IT Management Platform [...]

IT Leadership – Caught between Two Realities?

It's always been tough being an IT leader.  The "Career Is Over" distortion of the CIO acronym is humorous because of the real world challenges associated with the CIO job.  I think that today is an especially challenging time for IT leaders.  I say that because these jobs are typically caught somewhere between two very [...]

Why IT Professionals Will Need to be Enterprise Architects

I actually credit the topic of this post to a quote by a client last week.  We were working with him on the PMO he was setting up, when he made the point in the headline.  I thought it was provocative, and made an important point, so I want to explore it. What Is Meant [...]