Podcast on Business-IT Maturity Model

  I'm very proud that Tom Parish, host and audio producer for the excellent Enterprise Leadership web site, invited me to deliver a podcast on the Business-IT Maturity model.  Just click on the last phrase in the previous sentence, or right-click to download the mp3 file. It was a great deal of fun to do [...]

The Disciplines of Business-IT Engagement

Engagement is a term often used when discussing the relationship between an IT organization and the business units it serves. It's interesting (and amusing!) to look at the many meanings ascribed to the verb, "engage" (from Most of these apply quite well to the context of business-IT engagement: Attract and hold by influence or [...]

ITIL and the Business Relationship Manager: Avoiding the Performance Trap!

I have good news, and I have bad news! The Good News... The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) 2011 edition and the ISO/IEC 20000 standard for IT Service Management formalized the existence of the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) role and corresponding Business Relationship Management process as a new best practice and international IT Service Management standard [...]

Some Principles for Transforming IT Capabilities

I want to tackle the thorny and often controversial topic of transforming IT capabilities - probably through several posts over the next few weeks.  I first started looking at how large companies went about transforming IT about 20 years ago.  I got very focused on it in a formal way about 16 years ago when [...]

IT Organization Design and the Value Disciplines

My recent post on Shadow IT: The Good , The Bad and The Ugly solicited an interesting comment about organization design and the placement of application development versus application support.  This got me thinking back over years (probably 25!) of helping clients with IT organizational design, and the tools, techniques and principles I've used over [...]

"Edginess" and IT Innovation

In preparing for our upcoming Executive Perspective in Chicago on September 18/19, my team has been exploring what is meant by "edginess?"  What does edginess look like in its various forms?  When and how is edginess good, productive, appropriate?  When is it bad, counterproductive, inappropriate? John Hagel and John Seely Brown in their landmark paper, "From [...]

But there's no business problem here….

I recently had an interesting conversation with a consulting client.  The CIO has a strong sense that Web 2.0 is going to be important to the business, and therefore to the IT organization.  He can't put his finger on why, or what it all means, or exactly what to do about it, but his instincts [...]

So, What Comes After Level 3 Business-IT Maturity?

I had a question from a colleague recently that I'd like to address in this post.  She asked, "I’m going to ask a possibly 'dumb' question, but since I believe that there are no dumb questions I’m asking it anyway…  Since level 3 is constantly evolving i.e., today’s Level 3 will be tomorrow’s Level 2 [...]

Forget Maturity Models?

  A colleague just pointed me to a ZapThink post last month entitled Forget Maturity Models−It's time for an agility model.  It turns out the types of maturity model ZapThink would like us to forget are CMMI and any SOA maturity model.  They don't specifically call out the Business-IT Maturity Model that has been a [...]